Software, such as a computer program, routine, subroutine, program block, or program module, that can be used to develop, test, analyze, or maintain a computer program or its documentation. Note: Examples of software tools are automated software verification routines, compilers, program maintenance routines, bootstraps, program analyzers, and software monitors.

  • BI

    Business Intelligence tools are designed to retrieve, analyze and report data. Most of the Business Intelligence tools are standalone tools or that

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  • CRM

    CRM is the principles, practices and guidelines that an organization follows when interacting with customers. CRM software's are used to help busin

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  • EAI

    EAI is an integration framework which consists of collection of technologies and services to enable integration of systems and applications across

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  • Enterprise Portal

    An Enterprise Portal is a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. These portals provide a sec

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  • ERP Suite

    Enterprise Resource Planning is generally used to manage the important parts of Business. ERP software applications can be used to manage product p

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  • ETL

    ETL is the process of extracting data from database and placing it on another database. Initially data is extracted from a specified database and t

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  • HRM

    HRM is the process of managing people in a company as well as managing other inters personal relationships. HRM tools are used to make sure that th

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  • Microsoft tools

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  • Testing Tools

    Quick Test Professional, popularly known by its acronym QTP is functional automation testing tool, which automates the functional & regression

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