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Cloud Lab

Cloud lab is a first-of-a-kind solution that helps the users to adopt and reap benefits of cloud technologies. It acts as a platform for easy access to Lesson plans, notes, PowerPoint slides and anything digital uploaded on cloud.

It saves the burden of carrying around devices, such as drives or CDs and helps in stop worrying about losing the device, breaking the CD, or not having your information load properly.

It helps users to share information via cloud i.e Information or study materials can directly be uploaded on cloud and the same can be accessed. Confidential information can be stored in cloud preventing loss of theft as cloud usually requires authentication.

Another advantage is that the seekers can log on to space for attending their class sessions and helps the teachers in such a way that there is no need to manage classrooms. It provides the access to software and various tools for free through cloud computing. It helps in setting-up various seeker groups to work on projects and assignments in the cloud.

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